Oltrepò Pavese

The Oltrepò Pavese area, characterised by hills, vineyards, castles, hermitages and trails, is a place where to enjoy beauty, art, nature and cuisine.

In Oltrepò, culture, landscapes, food and wine tourism are not to be missed! Medieval villages, fortresses and historic sites, rural churches and abbeys, vineyards, and panoramic views wait for you to be explored.

The wine production is located south of the city of Pavia, and it starts by crossing the river Po. The flatlands naturally (and almost suddenly) become hills, as far as the eye can see. When temperatures rise, vineyards assume particular colour hues. In the area, many grape varieties are cultivated, the most common of which are Pinot noir, Riesling Italico (Welschriesling), Riesling, White Muscat, Barbera, and Croatina.

Oltrepò Pavese boasts an exceptional record on a global scale: it is one of the main production centres of Pinot noir, made with sparkling wine grapes – second in the world only after Champagne.

The Pinot noir Cultural and Ethnographic Centre is located in Montecalvo Versiggia.

Montecalvo Versiggia

Montecalvo Versiggia has first ranking in the production of Pinot noir amongst the other Oltrepò Pavese territories.

In 1950s, the most renowned Italian wine producers – from Cinzano to Gancia, Riccadonna, Martini, Rossi, and La Versa winery – chose the village as their favourite place where to buy Pinot noir.

The Museum of


“To uncork” does not simply mean “to open a bottle”. When enjoying the pleasures of life, like sharing good food and wine, it becomes part of a performance, almost a ritual. Uncorking is an art, a precise and meticulous gesture. Wine is uncorked to share happy moments!

The Municipality of Montecalvo Versiggia opened the Museum of Corkscrews in 2006. It is the first one in Italy managed by a public authority.

You can find out more about the Museum on the Montecalvo Versiggia municipality’s website and on the official Facebook page.